I’m the lucky mother of two beautiful kids Mia and Yovanni, and wife to the most amazing, hardworking man, Scott. We both enjoy spending every minute with our kids so we don’t do a lot of date nights, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. My perfect Friday night is cuddling in bed and watching a movie, it’s usually a comedy but when I’m feeing daring we will watch a horror, and of course chocolate in any form.

I love creating things, or at least attempting to create things, my vision and reality don’t alway look the same, but regardless¬†I still enjoy it. I try and make every special moment for my family memorable and I hope to bring you along as I create memories with my family and I will share tips and tricks along with way to make life just a bit easier.

I hope to build a community were we can support each other through good times and bad, and build strong friendship even though we may be thousands of mile away from each other it will feel like we are next door neighbours sitting down for a cup of coffee.

I’m so glad you choose to come on this journey of life with me!