Creepy cookie decorating party

creepy cookie party

Creepy cookie decorating party anyone!?  Week three of the #dazzlingdollarDIY is Skeletons and Witches, so I took this opportunity to set up a creepy cookie decorating party for my daughter and her friends.

It was super easy, and best of all I used mostly Dollar Tree items, and some things I had on hand.

Creepy Cookie Decorating Party

My idea was to set up sort of a creepy graveyard with all sorts of Skelton heads and skeleton hands.

cookie decorating party

I started by gathering all my supplies and laying them out and figuring  out my starting point.

Once I had a rough idea of my vision I got to decorating.

First thing was to hang up the cob web, I wrapped them around my lights on the island and messed them up, I added spiders all over the cob web, and finally tucked a  dollar tree tombstone in behind the web.

cookie decorating party

Once I had my backdrop all set up it was time to start working on the spread.

My staring point was some creepy cloth I found at the dollar tree. I tucked some LED tea lights under the creepy cloth.  I just love the ambiance the tea lights gave the graveyard. Very spooky!

creepy cookie party

Next I scattered some mini skulls I had on hand. Tucking them in here and there.

Finally I set out the cookies and the candies, also plates and napkins.

For the finishing touch I placed some bigger skulls around, placing some on top of Masson jars to add some height and adding a tea light inside.

creepy cookie decorating party



The kids really enjoyed themselves, make all sorts of creepy cookies, we had some zombies, monsters and Cyclopes oh my!

I really enjoy Halloween, well to be clear the cutesy Halloween, not the gory kind.  And this creepy cookie decorating party really set the mood for Halloween and got the kids even more exciting (if thats even possible haha) for Trick or Treating!

creepy cookie deocorating party


creepy cookies party

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