DIY floral letters

Floral letters

These DIY floral letters are the prettiest! I am a bit obsessed with them.

I was so excited when I finally had the chance to make them because they have been on my craft bucket list for a long time.

The floral letters are super simple to make, keep reading to find out how. 

Since Mother’s Day is coming up I thought it would make the perfect decor for a brunch with Mom!

From start to finish it took me about an hour, but I had to chase a toddler in between so I’m sure you could do a letter in less time.

The supplies:

Floral letters

You will need faux flowers, a hot glue gun, ribbon, only if you plan to hang your letters, and of course the cardboard letter.


I free hand my letters but if you aren’t comfortable doing that you can simply print out a letter, trace it on to your cardboard and cut it out.

Start by adding your ribbon to hang the letter from.

Floral letters

Now you can start glueing the flowers, you can do this two ways, you can plan out where you’d like the flowers to be before you start glueing or you can be like me and just wing it, haha.

You will notice the edges are hard to fill so make sure to buy smaller flowers to fill in those tough spots.  The leaves are also an easy way to fill in spots.

Floral letters

There are so many pretty flowers to choose from. A tip: to make it easier to choose your flowers have some colours in mind that you want to focus on. For me I wanted pink and white with pops of orange.

Floral letters

I plan on using this floral letter in my daughters room. It will hang over her bed! I also made floral letters for Mother’s Day.  The floral letters will be the focal point of our Mother’s Day  brunch!

I’m so thrilled with the outcome and finally being able to check DIY floral letters off my craft bucket list.

What’s on your craft bucket list? Leave them in the comments I always love hearing from you!

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I hope you found some inspiration.

Floral letters

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