DIY gift box

DIY gift box

Most of my ideas come to me at night and this DIY gift box was no different!

I was laying in bed one night and for some reason or another I starting thinking about notes we use to pass around in junior high, you know before the days of cell phones! haha

I remember thinking about where I would keep my notes so my brother wouldn’t find them and read about my lastet crush.

And then it hit me, those little boxes I use to make to keep my notes hidden would make the perfect little gift box!

So the next morning I went to work right away to try and recreate the box, and slowly but surely the steps came flooding back.

Without futher ado let’s get to it!

DIY gift box

The supplies

You will need,

card stock (8.5 by 10)




paper cutter

paper scorer

Note: If you want a bigger box, start with a bigger sheet of paper.

DIY gift box

The steps

Start by marking about 2 inches in on all 4 side and score them.

DIY gift box.

The green lines are where you will make your cuts.

DIY gift box

 Now that you have made your cuts you can go ahead and glue the corners.

Repeat the steps for the bottom of the box as well.

DIY gift box

DIY gift box

Once you you have your box assembled you can get creative and personalize the box for the person you are gifting it to.

I love making these because you can really personalize them and use different colours, you can use glitter paper, or even a cute pattern like this flamingo pattern from Make and

These boxes would be perfect for gifting cookies to your neighbors, or your kids teachers. I have a recipe on the blog that will wow them and is super easy check out my Chocolates Chip cookie recipe here.

I hope you found some inspiration!

If you make them make sure tag me on Instagram @justcreatetoday. I would love to see them.

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