DIY palm tree

DIY palm tree

Today I’m sharing a DIY palm tree.

Flamingo, Luau and tropical theme parties are very popular right now, and nothing says tropical like a palm tree!

Let’s get started.

DIY palm tree supplies

You will need:

DIY palm tree

Paper towel roll ( one per tree)

 Brown craft paper


paper palm leaves (10-15)

hot glue or tape


DIY palm tree directions

Start by cutting two strips about 2-3 inches wide of the brown craft paper. Glue or tape the paper in place at the bottom of the roll.

DIY palm tree

Wrap it all the way up your tree truck. Don’t worry if the top is not looking very pretty, the leaves will cover it up.

DIY pal tree

Next, with your sisscors poke very small holes in the paper towel roll. Be careful not to make the hole too big or else the toothpick will fall right through.

DIY palm tree

I poked about 4-6 holes for the lower leaves. Once the toothpicks are in place tape or glue the leave onto the toothpick.

This part is a bit tricky so work slowly and have patience haha. When I made my tree I was a bit impatient and the leaves weren’t cooperating, but once I slowed down it worked out much better.

After you have the bottom leaves in place on the toothpicks you can go ahead and glue or tape the rest of the leaves to the inside of the roll.

DIY palm tree

I ended up using about 15 leaves, the more leaves the fuller your palm tree will look so feel free to use as many as you’ do like.

One thing I would do differently next time would be to use green toothpicks so they camouflage with the leaves better.

I used the Cricut machine to cut my palm leaves. If you don’t have one you can check out my Pinterest I have some free templates pinned. You simply print out the leaves on green card stock and cut out.

I hope you found some crafting  inspiration.

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