Dollar Tree DIY Monster Wreath

Halloween Monster Wreath

Gather your supplies and lets get started on a super cute AND super affordable Dollar store Halloween monster wreath!

 Halloween Monster wreath supplies

Halloween Monster wreath

You will need a grapevine wreath or any sort of dollar store wreath, I personally prefer this one, I found the foam one a bit to slipper and the boa kept slipping around.  Also, you need some plastic eyeballs, 3 boas in your choice of colours. I didn’t end up using the bats,I felt they were kind of getting lost in the wreath. And of course a glue gun.

The Steps

Halloween DIY monster wreath

Start by glueing one end of the boa in place, then wrapping it around the wreath. Every few wraps you want to make sure to glue the boa in place to prevent it from sliding around. Continue until you have wrapped all the boas around the wreath. The nice thing about boa is that they are fluffy so they hind any ‘bald spots’ really well, haha.

halloween monster boa

Your wreath should look something like this.

A trick I used was to just wrap the boas on the wreath before I glued them so that I had an idea on placement.

Now you are ready for they eyeballs!

Place the eye balls where you think they look best before you glue them, this way you can play around with placement. The eyes really make the wreath come alive, haha, so you want to make sure they don’t get lost in the boa.

halloween dollar store monster wreath


You have yourself a cute and totally affordable Halloween Monster wreath.

Once you have all your supplies ready you can make this in less them 30 minutes. This would be a fun girls night craft, throw in some wine and you have yourself a fun get together.

What I love most about this wreath is that it’s not scary. I have an almost two year old who has a fear of Halloween creatures.

If you end up making it, please make sure to tag me on Instagram, @justcreatetoday. I would like to see your creations.

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Happy crafting!

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