Flamingo party

Flamingo pary

Flamingo parties are very popular right now, and I totally understand why. They are cute and make adorable party decor. Not to mention there are 100’s of ways to incorporate them into your party.

Who wouldn’t want to party with a flamingo!

I had so many ideas for a flamingo party when I first started planning. I knew I wouldn’t have the time to make them all a reality, so I narrowed in on my favourites and went to work.

To start I designed an invitation which set the whole party.

flamingo party

I am in love with how the invitation turned out!

Flamingo party

The centrepiece

These balloon centrepieces are super simple to make, all you need are 3 pink balloons, tie them together, and place your flamingo in the centre and a couple of tropical leaves.

Flamingo party

I cut my tropical leave using the Cricut machine, but don’t worry if you don’t have one. Pinterest has you cover with free printables, you simply print on green card stock and cut.

To make the flamingo I used some pre-made paper pom poms from the dollar store and used the Cricut to cut out the flamingo.

Flamingo party

I thought 3 individual ones looked better on my table, but a long balloon garland with the flamingoes and leaves throughout would look great as well.

Flamingo party

Flamingo party backdrop

The backdrop is easy to pull together as well. The inflatable flamingoes are from The Dollar Tree, aren’t they cute?!

Flamingo party

The leaves and pink flowers scattered throughout were cut using the Cricut. If you don’t want to use paper flowers like I did, you can use silk flowers, but since my leaves are paper I wanted to keep my look cohesive.

DIY palm tree

The palm trees were by far the hardest to put together. The leaves kept falling or they were’t drooping the “right” way, haha, I know I sound insane but these are they types of things I worry about when I’m putting party ideas together.

The leaves, again, I cut using the Cricut. For the tree truck or stem you need a paper towel roll, and brown craft paper. Simply wrap the craft paper around the paper towel roll, then poke holes in the paper towel roll and stick a toothpick through the hole and tape your leaf onto the toothpick.

DIY palm tree

Click here for the full tutorial.

The little details

I used faux grass as my table runner to add more tropical vibes to the party.

To thank the guests for coming I put together some treat bags. I wanted to break up the pink so I made the treat bags green, but keeping in theme I still added pink flamingoes to the outside.

Flamingo party

Inside the bags I put things in like bubbles, skipping rope and some sidewalk chalk. I kept them simple with not too many “things” that just end up at the bottom my the toy bin.

A popular party game is Pin the tale on the donkey, well I found the Flamingo version. I came across this giant flamingo at The Dollar Tree and knew right away it would be perfect for Pin the flower on the flamingo.

Flamingo party

Kids and adults love this game and it always a bit hit at parties!

Flamingo party

Flamingo party

I hope you found lots of flamingo party inspiration.

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