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I super duper excited to start sharing all things Valentines, to kick things off I am sharing this super cute Valentines mailbox.

It’s easy to make and you don’t need any fancy machines, although it does make life easy to have perfect cuts made for you.

Here’s what you’ll need

DIY valentines box

  • Chocolate
  • adhesive
  • card stock in your colour choice ( 1 piece 3 x 1.5, 1 piece 3 x 1, 1 piece 3.5 x 1)
  • embelishments to decorate mailbox


The steps

valentines mailbox

Start off by scoring the bottom piece (3.5 x 1) of your mailbox, this will also act as the lid to your mailbox. Measure the length of your piece of chocolate and that will determine where your score lines need to go on your bottom piece. You can to make sure your score lines are centred in the middle of your card stock. You can set that aside for later.

Note: I started out with a 4 x 1 inch piece of card stock and trimmed it down to 3.5 inches long. Im sure there is a much easier way to do it but this is just what worked for me.

Valentines mailbox

This next step is optional but I did find that it made for easier assembly when it came time.  Simply glue the chocolates on top of each other, set aside for later.

Valentines mailbox

Now it’s time for the emblishment on the mailbox “lid”,  I used hearts but you can use whatever fits your style/theme. I also used a heart stamp on another one I made and it turned out pretty cute.

Valentines mailbox

Valentines mailbox

This will be body of the mailbox, using the adhesive, glue the 3.5 x 1 inch piece on top of the 3 x 1 piece. it should look like this now.

Valentines mailbox

Next, add glue to the inside edge of the mailbox body. Then gently bend it over the chocolates to form the arch.

Valentines mailbox

Now you are ready to add the bottom of your mailbox. Using the piece you scored at the beginning, ad adhesive to the middle and back section. This will form the bottom and back of your mailbox.


Valentines mailbox

I forgot to get a photo of the last step. You simply cut a strip of paper the length and width you’d like for your pole on the mailbox. Add embellishments that fit your style and theme.

I used a jewel and a paper paper hear to finish off my Valentines mailbox.

Valentines mailbox


valentines mailbox

I made these for my daughters dance teachers. These would be perfect for a Galentines  dinner, or a kids Valentines party.


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Happy crafting friends!


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