Woodlands Birthday Party

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I’m so excited to share my sons Woodlands birthday party with you. He is a December baby, so our options are limited on where we can have his party. Which is totally fine with me, I mean he is two, he is not going to care. He is a happy camper playing with boxes and wrapping paper, haha!

Birthday party

It was a very small party, just family, so the set up was pretty easy as I needed less of everything.

I started by setting up the play tent, he loves this thing, he calls it his hiding tent, I purchased it from Wayfair last year, I’ve linked to a similar one here. 

Next, I recruited my daughter to gather all their favourite stuffed bears, haha I don’t know if you can see him very well but apparently we have tigers in our forest, she cracks me up.

Using my Cinema Light box, I wrote out ” Don’t feed the animals”.

cinema light box

The snacks

birthday party

I stuck with snacks I knew my son would love. Pretzel sticks played the part of “Twigs”. Chocolate covered raisins as “Bear poop” and his favourite fruit gummies from Costco as the “forest Berries”, those were a hit with him!

birthday party snacks

woodland party snacks


birthday party

I made an adorable plaid tent to go with the trees and woodland friends. I used birch straws, from Amazon. This amazing idea for the plaid tent came from Michelle. For the full tutorial hop over to www.michellespartyplanit.com.

birthday party

birthday party

All the little critters along with the 3D trees I cut using my Cricut. 

I had so much fun putting it all together.

Thanks so much for visiting, I hope you found some inspiration for your woodlands birthday party.

Woodland birthday party

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